KIALOA GL Surf II Carbon

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The GL Surf, (named after our friend and neighbor Gerry Lopez), created a ripple in the stand-up paddle surf community. Introduced in 2014, this surf specific paddle features a symmetrical blade for easy skimming along with rounded blade edges that will protect your board and not bury the edge of the blade. In 2015 we’ve improved this paddle by responding to requests to make is slightly smaller, which is exactly what we did and the 100% carbon shaft is perfect for those who desire a stiff brace while making turns. The GL Surf II is available with a Carbon Palm or Carbon Ergo-T™. Another option is to upgrade to a carbon adjustable 6" Pro-T™ which gives you the ability to adjust on the fly depending on conditions, board thickness or personal preference. Just pick you shortest potential length and the 6" Pro-T adds 6 inches of adjustability from there. Designed for surfers by surfers.

Grip: Carbon Ergo-T™, Carbon Palm, 6" Pro-T™
Shaft Material: Carbon
Shaft Shape: Round
Blade Angle: 10 degree
Blade Material: Carbon epoxy
Blade Surface Area: 90 sq in
Blade Width: 7 9/16"
Blade length: 17"
Total Paddle Weight: 18 oz