Infinity Blackfish

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It's an all-new updated design; now coming in both the Dugout and Flatdeck models.

The Infinity Blackfish continues to set the standard for the all-around category and lead the pack in the planning hull style design.

Coming off the momentum of the 2019 design with Shae Foudy winning the APP World Title, Candice Appleby, Tyler Bashor, and Itzel Delgado all winning several races with the Blackfish as well as Kai Lenny coming out of SUP obscurity to win in London, we have further taken Dave Boehne’s “inverse Vee” bottom concept and built on this platform.

The bottom concept remains the same with a few adjustments to add a touch of stability without sacrificing flat-water glide. Dave narrowed the inverse Vee and added flat panels to the perimeter and took the inverse Vee all the way out the back of the tail. This increased the glide per stroke, added stability in all situations and remains the fastest board off the starting line.

The nose entry got a new look for the first time since 2015. The nose general shape is the same only taller and comes to more of a point. The taller nose and sharper entry proves to be better specifically for upwind conditions as it acts more like a piercing style nose in this situation.